Year 8 teachers




Year 7D Class Teachers: Location: room 5101

  1. Homeroom/Advisory Teachers: Gillian White and Mrs. Shefali Desai
  2. Arts:  Ms. Trish McNair (covering for Ms. Kristyn Art)
  3. Design Block B: Mr. Blackman
  4. English & Lit/Indiv & Societies: Ms. Hortop
  5. Mathematics: Mr. Nightingate
  6. Sciences: Ms. Watkins
  7. PE: Mr. Lee
  8. Thai Studies Block B: Ms. Mahapad Cohn
  9. Thai Language & Literature: Ms. Tuenta Johri / Ms. O’Meara


  • Year 7 Level Coordinator: Ms. Jennilea Hortop
  • Music Teacher: rissi (Anna) OLSEN, Rin (Sirinthra) MALHOTRA
  • Counsellors: Ms. Tara Holm (Secondary Building, 2nd Floor, Room 4209), Mr. Norris
  • Digital connection teachers: Mr. Ivan Beeckmans & Mr. Mitch (Ben Sheridan)
  • Secondary School Parents Representative Coordinator: Layla Shaw 
  • Year 7 class representative: Fleur

Advisory Topics:
Transitioning to Middle School, Digital Decision Making, Cyberbullying, Handling Stress & Anger, Cliques, Bullying, Puberty & Growing Up, Friendship, Conflict Resolution, Making Tough Decisions, etc. 

Over the past week and throughout the next few weeks, we will be covering the following topics:

I’ve included a few links of resources on the different topics but there is also so much more out there. For the digital topics, I strongly urge parents to look around Common Sense Media’s website as they have so many great resources for parents.

Dec 2017

3 ways: 5 – 6 October, 2017
2 ways: 25 – 26 Jan, 2017
Student-led: 1 May, 2018

Report cards
Jan 17, 2018
Jun 13, 2018

Falcon Fencing Club
Minimi group for 3 times per week (Mon – Wed, 2.30pm – 4.30pm)

More Information please contact:
Mr. Wiradech Kothny (Coach Willi)
Administrator/ Coach Kung

(1) Fencing Equipment payment
Special price:
Item No. 1 (Sabre Blade) – 2,200 baht
Item No. 6 (Sabre Mask) – 7,500 baht
Item No. 8 (Sabre Glove) – 2,300 baht
Item No.34 (Fencing Bag) – 2,600 baht
Buy Sabre (U12) – 2978 baht (12 March 2017)
Total (4 items) = 14,600 baht (Paid)

(2) Extra individual fencing classes: Every Monday (4.30pm -5.30pm)





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