Year 8C teachers

Secondary School office: extension 1116 / 1117

Homeroom & Advisory
Ms. Jane Altemen & Kristyn Art

Ms. Olsen

Mr. Mitch (Mitchell) Norris

English Language and Literature
Mrs. Victoria Hall

Individuals and Societies
Ms. Calt (Caitlin) Bell

Mr. Daykin

Physical and Health Education
Ms. Marson

Ms. Jane Altemen

Thai Language and Literature
Ms. Nai (Saowalak) Yokkamchu

Head of Secondary
Angelo Coskinas

Our Middle School Advisory Program provides a cohesive learning journey for students in Year 8 through the following set of experiences:
• Homeroom Advisory with me (daily 10-minute lessons)
• Advisory Lessons with me (75-minute sessions twice a cycle on Day D and Day I)
• Advisory+ with a counselor: Ms. Denise until October then Ms.Tara.
(75-minute lessons, once per 10-day cycle)


Year 7D Class Teachers: Location: room 5101

  1. Homeroom/Advisory Teachers: Gillian White and Mrs. Shefali Desai
  2. Arts:  Ms. Trish McNair (covering for Ms. Kristyn Art)
  3. Design Block B: Mr. Blackman
  4. English & Lit/Indiv & Societies: Ms. Hortop
  5. Mathematics: Mr. Nightingate
  6. Sciences: Ms. Watkins
  7. PE: Mr. Lee
  8. Thai Studies Block B: Ms. Mahapad Cohn
  9. Thai Language & Literature: Ms. Tuenta Johri / Ms. O’Meara


  • Year 7 Level Coordinator: Ms. Jennilea Hortop
  • Music Teacher: rissi (Anna) OLSEN, Rin (Sirinthra) MALHOTRA
  • Counsellors: Ms. Tara Holm (Secondary Building, 2nd Floor, Room 4209), Mr. Norris
  • Digital connection teachers: Mr. Ivan Beeckmans & Mr. Mitch (Ben Sheridan)
  • Secondary School Parents Representative Coordinator: Layla Shaw 
  • Year 7 class representative: Fleur

Advisory Topics:
Transitioning to Middle School, Digital Decision Making, Cyberbullying, Handling Stress & Anger, Cliques, Bullying, Puberty & Growing Up, Friendship, Conflict Resolution, Making Tough Decisions, etc. 

Over the past week and throughout the next few weeks, we will be covering the following topics:

I’ve included a few links of resources on the different topics but there is also so much more out there. For the digital topics, I strongly urge parents to look around Common Sense Media’s website as they have so many great resources for parents.

Dec 2017

3 ways: 5 – 6 October, 2017
2 ways: 25 – 26 Jan, 2017
Student-led: 1 May, 2018

Report cards
Jan 17, 2018
Jun 13, 2018

Falcon Fencing Club
Minimi group for 3 times per week (Mon – Wed, 2.30pm – 4.30pm)

More Information please contact:
Mr. Wiradech Kothny (Coach Willi)
Administrator/ Coach Kung

(1) Fencing Equipment payment
Special price:
Item No. 1 (Sabre Blade) – 2,200 baht
Item No. 6 (Sabre Mask) – 7,500 baht
Item No. 8 (Sabre Glove) – 2,300 baht
Item No.34 (Fencing Bag) – 2,600 baht
Buy Sabre (U12) – 2978 baht (12 March 2017)
Total (4 items) = 14,600 baht (Paid)

(2) Extra individual fencing classes: Every Monday (4.30pm -5.30pm)





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